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Sex Role Play is Super-Nova Hot Fun!

Sex doesn’t have to be serious all the time. And the women at Sheri’s Resort are ready to play! If you’ve never role-played, you might think this is kind of silly. But role-play sex can be super-nova hot because you can enact ANY fantasy you’ve ever had. You will think about it, plan, prepare, and fantasize about the enactment for weeks. Your sexual energy will rise, and you will remain in a heightened state of arousal. When the day finally comes, you have to perform! It can be exhilarating.


You want to be Billy the Kid and me be Calamity Jane? I can apprehend you, arrest you, take you to jail, and have my way with you, you murdering varmint. “Jane, I never thought jailers were so pretty. May I have a conjugal visit?”


Whether you are a woman, a man, or a couple, a sex worker is the perfect person to role-play with because she’s already anonymous. You can shed your everyday persona along with the mean things you say to yourself. Why is my ass five times as big as my sister’s? Why is one boob smaller than the other? Why does my front tooth point straight north? Why can’t I be taller? Why can’t I be more muscular? How come my dog is the only one who loves me? Role-play is a chance to drop your insecurities, push yourself out of your comfort zone, and experience sex from a fresh angle.


Talk to me. At Sheri’s, you can practice talking about your desires in a safe environment with a nonjudgmental professional, so you can get what you really want. The way to go about this is with acceptance, pleasure in the intimacy, and a willingness for things to be imperfect. Here’s a chance to practice living large.


Anything can happen at Sheri’s. Whatever your deepest, silliest, sexiest fantasy–we can make it reality. What gives you a boost of sexual adrenaline? Be honest, be foolish, be creative, and forget your inhibitions!


You don’t have to go from zero to 100 either. It’s okay to role-play without costumes or elaborate plots. You may have even done it without realizing it. Have you ever talked dirty during sex? Think of the crazy, sexy things you’ve said that you would never normally say.  Just polishing your pants on saddle leather don’t make you a rider; you have to talk the talk.


Here are some standard role-playing ideas any one of the spectacular women at Sheri’s would love to play with you. (These work either way. You can be whichever one appeals to you most.)

  • Student/Teacher– Scenarios where you have to talk the other person into sex because it’s forbidden can be really hot. “I’m not sure about this.” “No one has to know.” “I’ve wanted you all semester.” “What can I do to get that ‘A’ in your class?” “If you want an ‘A’ you’ll need to stay after and do some extra work.”
  • Sexy Secretary/Demanding Boss–The secretary is not innocent, and nobody’s protégé.
  • The Eager Applicant–Someone doesn’t quite have the qualifications for the job and is willing to do anything.
  • Pizza Delivery–“I don’t have any money to pay you.” “I don’t like eating alone.”
  • Yoga Instructor –Let me demonstrate downward dog.
  • Photographer and Model–No explanation necessary.
  • Naughty Nurse–Don’t scoff. Clichés work.
  • Randy Repairman–Strap on your tool belt and get to work.
  • Hot Hitchhiker– “Need a ride?”
  • Firefighter–My house is burning down! Help me! And then let me thank you properly later.
  • Police Officer–Can you talk your way out of that speeding ticket?
  • Wet Dream–Someone pretends to be asleep while the other starts having sex with them.


Be bizarre:

  • Dragons, unicorns, ponies (there is a thriving Pony Play culture out there), vampires…anything.
  • Orange is the New Black
  • Pokemon


It doesn’t have to be a power dynamic; it can be anything you dream of. Be whomever you want. If you’re as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs, that’s part of the excitement!


I crave new experiences; I’ve been in the desert so long I know all the lizards by their first names.


Also, it’s fine to abandon the role halfway through when the sex starts to get good. Mind-blowing sex is the point, not pretending to rob the bank.


Part of the great release of role-play is in the anticipation. Prepare, gather your materials, make a plan, dream about it, and email one of the fabulous women at Sheri’s Resort.

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