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Sheri’s Playland: Naughty Schoolgirl Must be Punished

Many who have experienced Sheri’s Playland consider our signature fantasy sex role play experience to be among the most enjoyable offerings from Sheri’s Ranch. An “adult Disneyland” that has captivated customers and courtesans alike, people just can’t seem to stay away from our newest suite of bungalows.

It’s flattering that Sheri’s Playland is so well-received, but sometimes the ladies get a little carried away. The girls have been rumored to sneak into playland without permission and enjoy some naughty role play of their own.

Well, one of Sheri’s mischievous ladies has finally been caught red-handed! The naughty schoolgirl featured in the below YouTube video has been identified as none other than Sheri’s own Mandi Love.

As a result of her contemptible actions, Mandi has been placed in detention until one of Sheri’s visitors sees fit to punish her in a manner that suits her crimes. Hint: the classroom scenario at Sheri’s Playland includes a paddle and dunce cap…

Naughty Schoolgirl Dancing (High Quality) – featuring Mandi Love

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