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Tips For Male Virgins

How old were you when you gave up your virginity? Most of us might have been in High School. Some people waited until marriage. But what about the guys who did not give it up in their teens or never got married? When do they get their chance to bat in the World Series of sex? The answer is simple… NOW, with me!

Giving up your V-Card is a rite of passage into adulthood, not necessarily manhood since being a man and being a virgin are not necessarily related. Everyone has their reasons for waiting and whatever those reasons may be, only you can decide when you are ready to take the plunge. Gentlemen from all walks of life in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and yes even 50’s (it is not uncommon) come to hit home runs with me and the many lovely and talented ladies I work with.

I can honestly say that virgins are some of my favorite clients. I have been approached several times by virgins looking for tips, techniques, and information on what to expect, so I started a thread on our forum titled “Virgin’s Welcomed.” That wasn’t quite comprehensive enough, so here you have a few details.

A virgin at 40+

It is true. There are male virgin’s way past their 20’s and 30’s. I have met male virgins in their 40’s and beyond. Mature men who want to have sex but have not had the practice often turn to passionate and compassionate professionals like myself for guidance. It can be difficult to confess to someone you are dating that you have never had sex. So what do you do to get past that without feeling awkward or fearing being judged as an inadequate lover? Visit us.

What to expect

It’s completely normal to be nervous, overwhelmed, and anxious; Feeling the pressure to perform and the excitement of the moment simultaneously. It is a once in a lifetime experience and having butterflies is completely common. Rest assured that you are at the right place to figure things out and enjoy all the new sights, sounds, smells, and sensual caresses taking place.

Do not expect your first time to be anything like what you have previously seen in porn, unless you specifically asked for the Porn Star Experience. I suggest you save that for when you are a bit more comfortable with maneuvering yourself and your partner during your mattress mambo.

What if I climax too early?

Do not panic if you climax too quickly or if you do not climax at all. It is all so new that you cannot expect your body and mind to just get it perfect the first time. Besides, that is the beauty of having an experienced, nonjudgmental and patient partner to play with…Practice makes perfect and I will gladly take to the mound as often as needed until we hit that home run.

How to prepare

In the wise words of Abraham Lincoln “I will prepare and some day my chance will come.” Being prepared is vital to success in any area of life and sex is no exception. Things to consider are hygiene and condoms. Thinking about how you want to remember your first time is a great way to prepare yourself mentally for when that time comes.

Let us begin with hygiene… It is always a good idea to be freshly showered and use deodorant. Smelling clean with a splash of cologne is always attractive. Make sure you brush your teeth and carry a breath mint. Be well groomed, nice trimmed beard (if you have one) or clean shaved, whatever you prefer. Plus man-scaping, trimming the hedges down by your man parts is very important in my book.

Now let’s talk condoms… You are probably thinking, I am a virgin, I am clean, why do I need condoms? Well truth be told, condoms are mandatory for all sexual activity at the legal Nevada brothel where I work. You can find condoms at just about every convenient store and your options are endless. Try different brands, different styles, and different sizes until you find the perfect match. Practice putting one on and also masturbating to the point of orgasm. Getting comfortable with condoms is a very important part of having a healthy sex life.

Endurance and performance

Often times male virgins are concerned with their debut performance. Will I last long enough? Will I be able to satisfy her sexually? Am I doing it right? My biggest advice is just breathe. Seriously, taking deep breaths helps calm your nerves and releases tension. It also pumps oxygen throughout your body and slows down your heart rate. You are asking, what does this have to do with my endurance and performance? Everything!

First off, taking deep breaths will help put you in the right relaxed mind frame. It will help you to pay attention to what your partner is doing, saying, and feeling. If we are in the middle of some heavy foreplay and let’s say I can feel your breath on my neck, it’s guaranteed to send sexy chills down my body. Which reminds me, foreplay is very important. I like to stretch out our foreplay fun for two reasons.

1. Foreplay is fun and feels great.

2. Foreplay helps delay penetration and in turn premature ejaculation. Extended foreplay allows male virgins time to explore and enjoy my body as well as their own.

Once our bodies are joined and the two of us are in a groove, I’ll work with you to slow your heart rate and help you pace yourself. I’ll teach you techniques  to help you last longer and enjoy the ride (without tricking your mind to think of baseball). By this point I would hope you are comfortable enough with your partner that taking a few pointers would be welcomed. I often explain how different positions, thrusts and speeds satisfy the both of us. It is a chance to try things you can’t experience alone when masturbating. Hopefully you have enjoyed yourself as much as I know I do, but don’t worry if you don’t orgasm. Not every sexual encounter results in a male orgasm and a lack of orgasm does not make you a bad lover and is not an indication of a bad first experience.

Now there is more to having an unforgettable first time then what I’ve shared in this blog but I would like to save that for when you come and visit me. See you soon!

To learn more about how adult virgins can benefit from the services offered at Sheri’s Ranch, read this post about losing your virginity. If you want to connect with Eva and confidentially discuss male virginity, contact her here.

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