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5 Steps to Be the Perfect Client

If you’re visiting a legal brothel to see a professional companion, whether or not you have a good time depends almost entirely upon the chemistry and quality of the interaction. Your chosen lady may be lovely, smart and eager to be your sexual spirit guide and muse, but if you don’t extend the same care and consideration to her, you may find yourself with a less than enthusiastic companion, which will diminish the experience.

It’s often assumed that companions choose clients based on appearance, weight, age, race or career, but this couldn’t be any more false. Of course, it’s understandable to be nervous when visiting a brothel, but no client that comes to Sheri’s Ranch gets better or worse treatment based on these categories. There are far more important details that we consider when selecting our clients.

It’s also a myth that we only care about a client’s wallet. While bigger parties are wonderful – who doesn’t love a sleepover in a private bungalow? —what really matters is the client’s disposition. So much of the interaction hinges on you and how you approach our time together.

So if you’re visiting a brothel for the first time – or the twentieth – you may have questions about how to show appreciation for your chosen lady. You may wish not just for the time you share to be special for you, but also for her. If you’ve ever wondered about this, I’m here to enlighten you not only on what companions desire in a client, but also how to get us to long for the next date.

Freya is a licensed courtesan at Sheri’s Ranch near Las Vegas, Nevada

1. Be Polite

Before meeting your chosen lady, you might consider sending her an email to scope out a potential date. Take care to address her respectfully, and do not flood her inbox or send messages with sexual content. Though it’s not required, it’s also appreciated when clients that know they’re coming make appointments ahead of time. This ensures that you’ll be able to see your chosen companion as soon as you arrive and that she’ll have everything ready for you. This can be particularly important for elaborate parties that require preparation. After all, if we’re given a script for an erotic roleplay, we want to make sure that we’ve mastered our part. And of course, if you’re unable to make the appointment, please call to inform us that the appointment must be cancelled. We would never fault you for needing to cancel, but just not showing up is always rude and demonstrates a lack of respect for our time.

As far as interacting in person, manners are everything. Our pleasure is your pleasure, and if you treat us with respect, we’ll be sure to make the time we have together special. When we aren’t treated well, our discomfort will mar the date and ensure that we won’t want to see you again. I genuinely care for my clients, and it makes a date so much more meaningful when the client extends the same care and understanding to me.

2. Be Honest

When you first come to a brothel you may be worried about being judged, but there’s no reason to be worried and there’s also no reason for you to disclose everything if you don’t feel comfortable doing so. If you feel better pretending to be a mysterious, lonesome spirit, we won’t stop you. Age, name, marital status and career can be fabricated if it makes you more comfortable, but there are a few things that you should always be honest about if you want to have the best experience possible.

Almost every client at Sheri’s Ranch comes with a specific fantasy in mind. Maybe it’s a threesome, foot fetish, the girlfriend experience or a domination party. Whatever it is, you can be positive that it’s nothing new and whatever experience, sexual or not, that you’ve been thinking of will be met with a nonjudgmental, positive attitude. When you’re honest with us about what you want from a date everything goes more smoothly. We need to know exactly what you’re looking for to determine a price that works for both of us and to guarantee you the fantasy you’ve come to live out. Though we’re all good at working with people, none of us are mind readers!

3. Be Flexible

However, sometimes a client will get a fantasy and price so ingrained in their mind that it becomes impossible to negotiate with them. While you should absolutely let us know what you want, please try to be as flexible as possible as what you want may be out of budget. For instance, maybe the two-hour girlfriend experience is out of reach, but you can still have a fantastic cuddle and mutual masturbation party that meets your desires. We’re always eager to help you find something within budget that will be a great experience.

4. Be Hygienic

This may go without saying but brushing your teeth, using mouthwash, wearing deodorant and showering go a long way. Many people want to shave their pubic hair before coming here, but please don’t – cuts and razor rash are health risks. If you’d like to groom, trimming is an excellent alternative. And although it isn’t mandatory, it can be fun to dress up for us as it often sets the mood of our time together, and always makes a good first impression. Companions spend a lot of time making sure we look good for our clients, so it’s always nice when that effort is returned. Besides, there’s something elegant and romantic about wearing a nice outfit to dinner with a lady, perhaps while in the Roman bungalow enjoying champagne.

5. Respect Boundaries

Please do not ask for our “real” names or demand other personal information.  The stigma of sex work makes it perilous for companions to reveal identity as it could endanger us and our families.  In addition, it also takes the focus off you – the person that we’re directing all our attention to. We want the time you spend with us to feel magical and effortless; when you get too caught up in a companion’s personal life it takes away from what is supposed to be your moment.

Of equal importance is asking about and respecting one another’s sexual boundaries. Companions will often ask before engaging in any sexual activity about what the client doesn’t want touched or played with. These boundaries can also be established and altered during the party. While we respect and honor your boundaries we ask that you return the favor. Do not pressure a companion for services she does not provide.

As much as we adore the patronage of our beloved clients, we cannot meet up outside the ranch. Our time at the ranch is a sacred oasis separate from the whirlwind that is life, but it is an oasis that can be visited time and again to heal, renew and celebrate with a woman that will enthusiastically serve as your intimate guide and healer.


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