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5 Major Brothel Fashion Do’s & Don’ts

If there’s one profession where the way you dress could make or break your sales, it’s prostitution.  When I transitioned into the sex industry from the fashion industry, I was amazed to discover how important a role fashion plays. What a courtesan wears is just as important as the experience she offers.

Dozens of clients visit Sheri’s Ranch on a weekly basis.  Some come in looking for a specific body type, some for a hair color, and some for a particular personality.  One marketing rule that applies to any industry no matter what the service or product is: The packaging is as important as the product, if not more.  Whether a client comes in for a body type or personality, if a lady is wearing an outfit that competes with it, it could mean one less party for her.  A gentleman once said after a lineup, “I picked that girl because she was dressed like a college student.  And I wanted to party with someone who looked like a college student.”  Whatever you wear, ask yourself:  Can I rock this outfit with confidence and do I look good in it?  Below, we explore 5 Major Brothel Fashion Do’s & Don’ts:

Fashion Don’t #1: Hiding your favorite body part


Red Diamonds is known for her fiery red hair and voluptuous breasts. In her first outfit, Red is wearing a fabulous dress, but sadly it hides her favorite feature!  It would be a fabulous dress if she were on a tropical get-a-away or at a family-friendly function, but hiding your favorite body part is a big fashion “no-no!”  In general, we are told large breast should be covered, not to offend anyone.  Well honey, in a brothel large breasts are much appreciated.

Choosing a form-fitting dress in the appropriate size can do wonders in highlighting your figure and curves.  The color choice is also important.  Although the first dress in teal goes perfect with Red’s famous hair color, it also hides her breasts and appears as a mystery curtain to her most beloved body feature.  Her second option in a darker color offers a visually slimming affect and the deep v-neck gives any client a sneak peak to the party inside that sexy dress.  No matter how big or small a courtesan’s titties are, if it’s your favorite body part, flaunt what your mama gave ‘ya!  I’d love to challenge any breast-fanatics to a seductive conversation with Red over dinner in our Formal Dining Room without peaking a look at her scrumptious cleavage.

Do: Show off your curves and don’t be afraid to exploit your favorite body part, no matter the size:


Fashion Don’t #2: Wearing Glass/Clear Stripper Heels with EVERY outfit


It’s true, clear or glass pumps can go with basically any outfit under the sun, but when thinking about standing out in the bar or in a line up, how much will you shine when 75% of the other ladies are also wearing glass heels?  Clear shoes may be a quick and easy pick and even really comfortable (so I’ve heard), but wearing the right accessories and shoes could make a big difference.

Callie is rockin’ a gorgeous blue dress, perfect with her red hair, but the glass shoes do nothing to complete her look.  In the second outfit, we changed up her jewelry from silver to gold and swapped out the over worn glass heels for a pair of fun summer wedges.  With the weather warming up, take full advantage of all the cute and fun summer styles.    Wearing non-glass shoes offer a less “stripper” look and more of a “girl-next-door” feel.  Changing up shoes and accessories for day and evening looks can say “let’s have fun while sun-bathing by the pool” or “listen to me serenade you tonight at Karaoke.”  Changing up your shoes also give your clients an incentive to really look “head to toe.”

Shoes are also critical for our clients that have a foot fetish. If your feet were the main entrée, let your shoes be the appetizer.  Give your client something to really look forward to.

Do: Wear appropriate shoes and accessories.  Have fun with seasonal styles and switch it up for day/evening looks:


Fashion Don’t #3: Choosing “Safe and Casual” Clothing


The first dress that Eve Adame sports is fine.  It’s generally non-offensive, short, and looks pretty comfy.  This dress, paired with jeans would be a great outfit when running errands.  Realistically, it shouts “I’m too lazy to care and I have errands to run.” Nothing against this comfy look, but this outfit just isn’t the personality that’s truly Eve.  We working girls all have days where a really simple and comfy dress will do the job, but if you want to catch attention and really stand out, choose an outfit that will accentuate your curves and give an insight to your personality.

Don’t be afraid to get a little risqué and let your style hint at the kind of sex parties you truly enjoy.  Eve’s second outfit captures just that.  Looking sexy doesn’t always necessarily mean exposing as much skin as possible.  The laces and cut-outs are super sexy, enticing anyone to tease and untie them.  This full-body cat suit flaunts her curves and captures her femdom personality.

Do: Take fashion risks and wear outfits that capture your personality while showcasing your curves:


Fashion Don’t #4: Pair Printed Leggings with Competing Prints


Printed leggings are the “IN” thing right now.  You can find them in multiple ethnic, geometric, floral, and animal prints.  All are HOT, but wearing them together or with other competing prints are NOT.

Prints can be visually very busy, so pair them with a complimentary top or lingerie as displayed in Charina Lee’s second outfit.  Whatever garment you wear with the printed leggings, make room for the legging to show off it’s print.  Let the printed leggings shine and accessorize as it compliments your personal style and taste.  Leggings are great; they show off your legs and show your personality.  The animal print emphasizes Charina’s sexy and wild side.

Do: Sport printed leggings with complimentary tops and accessorize with fun belts:


Fashion Don’t #5: Wear the same outfit over and over…


Lingerie alone can be extremely sexy.  However, it can become boring to you, your clients, and all the other lovely ladies who work with you if worn in the same way, week in and week out.  A very simple way of making the same outfit fun and new is to freshen it up with new accessories as Akira shows in her second outfit.  The accessories don’t have to be new, it could be what you already have in your closet.

A fun activity to try is to pull out all the accessories that you haven’t worn in a while and mix and match them with your favorite outfits.  It’s like playing dress-up. Simple additions such as gloves, pearls, glasses, and a skirt turned Akira’s look from “tired prostitute” to “sexy secretary.”

Having the right accessories can make or break any outfit and upsell your original look by far.  Akira can still showcase her dark-side accessorized in sexiness, while wearing her favorite lingerie set.  Playing dress-up with your client with a strip-tease show in between would be the perfect pre-party before the hard-core action begins.

Do: Wear your favorite outfit and freshen it up with accessories and simple garments. And have fun letting your client pick out their favorites:

prostitute-black-skirtJuna is a new addition to Sheri’s Ranch and brings with her more than a decade of professional experience in the fashion industry.  Her experience includes fashion design, product development, production, quality analysis, and merchandising.  When not at Sheri’s, Juna enjoys working on small design projects for herself and other clients.  Look out for more Brothel Fashion Blogs from Juna and check out her profile.

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