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The Power of Touch

The drive to touch and be touched is a fundamental facet of the human experience. When we touch one another, we release endorphins that aid in decreasing stress while increasing happiness and productivity. This is a principle that has been understood for thousands of years predating modern science that proves how beneficial a simple caress can be.

Lingam massage is a Tantric erotic massage technique whose sole purpose is to re-center sexual energy to focus not just on the orgasm, but on the experience of touch and a channeling of passion into a whole body orgasmic experience achieved through controlled touch and breathing. While Lingam is specific to men, women can find a similar experience through Yoni massage. In the Hindu practice, the sexual organs are a sacred space, and in a Lingam massage, male genitalia are revered. Through the use of over twenty highly specialized touch techniques, even those who struggle with erectile dysfunction can achieve an orgasm, often without the need to even have an erection.

Sky is a licensed courtesan at Sheri’s Ranch proficient in Tantric Lingam Massage

My Lingam massage is unlike any other: I have discovered that simultaneously utilizing aromatherapy techniques results in a whole new level of mind and body release. In addition, I hand mix my own massage and essential oils, enabling me to create an experience custom-tailored to individual needs. The calm serenity of the space I create for us here at the ranch allows for you to fully immerse yourself in the sensations, and this focus on experience without any expectation of reciprocation is a refreshingly different approach to sexuality. There is no need to have performance anxiety if there is no need for performance!

These techniques can be especially beneficial to those among us who may be yearning for the right kind of physical contact. One of the most rewarding aspects of my job as a licensed courtesan here at Sheri’s Ranch is the opportunity I have to provide physical intimacy to those who may not have experienced it before because they have social anxiety, neurodivergence, or physical limitation. In many other countries, individuals in these circumstances are not only encouraged to see courtesans like myself, their government may actually subsidize the cost! In the Netherlands for instance, they may cover the cost of differently abled persons to see providers up to 12 times per year. Unfortunately, here in the United States we have not yet come to see sexual intimacy as an essential aspect of life that every person should have access to, but this is something that I believe in very strongly. For those in these circumstances Lingam is an amazing opportunity to experience intimacy and physical touch, regardless of physical ability or previous sexual experience.

Lingam in its original Sanskrit translates roughly to “column of light.” I hope that the study, care, and preparation I put into my practice translates into light for every person I work with. We all deserve a bright spot in our lives; I truly want to be exactly that for each and every person I get the chance to meet here.

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