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I agree, in person is the way to go. Even though the ladies like appointments, I do not recommend making one unless you have previously met the lady. Three times I made appointments with ladies without having met them in person. One of them turned out great! One was pretty good, one was just so-so. Another time I went there without an appointment, but I had a pretty good idea about who I wanted to party with. I ran into her in the bar, and even though she was/is very attractive, somehow the personalities did not seem to match, so I kept talking to ladies until I found one I really liked, and it was a great party.

Conversely, another time I went there without an appointment, but I had done my homework and had a mental list of the ladies I was most interested in. As fate would have it, none of them were available that night. So I was approached by a lady whom I recognized from the Sheri’s web site, but for whatever reason her profile on the site did not particularly appeal to me. But we got to talking and had a drink or two, then went off for a bungalow party, and it was one of the best parties I have ever had, at Sheri’s, at home, anywhere. So you never know!

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