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    I have lately been recieving a lot of ” I didn’t know you were so…Awesome, knowlegeable, open minded, fun, entertaing” from ladies and Gentleman alike. I can be quite reserved at times which can be a bit intimidating. I promise once some one gets to know me they always are shocked in a positive manner. So here is a bit more about myself:

    1. Not only to I love dirty talk, I love “Nerdy” talk! That’s right, tell me about software development, a new species of plant forund in the rainforest, the lastest innovative option for alternitive fuel, how to determine the mass of some ones breasts (Yes thanks to Red’s “How much do my boobs weight” contest I learned some fun math). I love it all. I may not understand all of it, but turning my mind on is just as amazing as turning my body one.

    2. I love corny jokes. The terrible not even a child would laugh at jokes. Just something about about a PG rated fun corny joke makes me smile. Smiles make the world a better place.

    Q: What’s the longest word in the English language?
    A: Smile, because ther is a Mile between S&M. ……….LOL

    3.Some times silence can be comforting. I can be a chatty cathy at times, but I do think sometimes quite helps everyone become more intouch with themselves and everything around them. Taste, touch, smell, and sight are just as wonderful and words.

    4. I actually love midwest weather. Yes, the changing of the seasons is wonderful and something I look forward to every year. I could do with out the 80 degree weather at 40% humidity, or the Blizzards that cause Chicago to look like Antartica. I would miss the those times where the inclimite weather has resulted in a fun water park trip or a friendly snowball fight.

    5. I have a crazy awesome knack for give shoulder rubs. I have lulled people to sleep because they have been so relaxed.

    6. I actually do play well with others. I just have to feel a mutual attraction. I can’t “fake it” and never will. So don’t be afraid to ask, because sharing is caring.

    If you want to know more, you will just have to come and find out. 🙂

    XOX Tiffany Hilton



    Love this post!!! I think a thoughtful and deliberate post as this goes a long way to setting yourself afar from a typical one dimensional appeal. Physical appeal is important, especially as it applies to men ( As I’m sure you have surmised by now),however, providing a largely cerebral multi-dimensional image/presence goes farther and in a very different direction. As one who exclusively “works the bar” ( and you thought you girls were the only ones doing that!!!??) in addition to truly LIKING women ( which has little to nothing to do with sexuality) this is a huge advantage for you/us being we have never met.

    Furthermore, based on what you have posted you have increased my interest and chances of approaching you. Hopefully I am not the only one impacted by your effort in this thread.

    With any luck our paths will cross this fall.

    Well played Ms. Hilton….well played!!!!

    My Best,

    Bret Maverick


    Dear Tiffany,
    There’s nothing wrong with being a little reserved initially. I love sincere Ladies and I can often tell if they’re faking it, so it’s great that you’re a “what you see is what you get” type Girl. Also, in that way you can stand back analyzing people determining their merits and worth. Furthermore, you can conclude if clients warrant the A$$hole, Jerk or any other special party tax listed in the referenced thread below, lol! A man and woman must develop a connection before they’re totally at ease with one another since that’s human nature. BTW, Red’s “Titty Weight Guess” was really a stroke of erotic genius, and I must observe her 36H melons more intimately to make an educated guess, lol. However, it doesn’t matter with what size breasts a woman is endowed, rather it is how they appear on the individual Lady. I studied your Official Page photos, profile and reviews and I concluded you’re very intriguing and positively gorgeous, and I’d like to make a Titty Weight Guess on your 32C beauties too if I may! I love all sizes and shapes of Ladies’ breasts, since I’m a Titty Nerd type guy. I hope to visit you during my October 26 to 28 and November 5 to 8 Las Vegas and Pahrump excursions. Hopefully, we’ll play 8-ball pool and engage in Nerdy Lovemaking too, lol!
    XOXOXO Firefighter

    Tiffany Hilton’s Official Page Profile, Photos, Reviews, Statistics and Schedule: http://www.sherisranch.com/lady.aspx?id=544

    Courtesans Appreciate Gentlemanly Behavior otherwise you get the A$$HOLE TAX: http://newblog.sherisranch.com/forums/topic/courtesans-appreciate-gentlemanly-behavior-otherwise-you-get-the-ahole-tax/


    Hi, Tiffany. I have advanced degrees in both Nerd Talk and Corny Jokes. I look forward to some nerdy, corny conversations with you in person at the Ranch one day soon! 🙂


    Tiffany the next time I am at the Ranch , if you are there we can talk geek or nerd if you want.


    Tiffany, you are so sexy and so wonderful


    The more I know about Tiffany, the more I like about her. Plus, she leaves you wanting more…

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