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    I will be visiting Sherri’s next week for the first time and I have never been to a brothel before. I am interested in using either the classroom or office scenario room but I have a few questions:
    1) Do these rooms have a couch or are you limited to using the desk or standing?
    2) Is music available in these rooms?
    3) Is alcohol allowed in these rooms?
    4) Are these rooms part of the free tour? If not, will my coutesan show me these rooms before I commit (provided they are available)?
    5) Any members partied in these rooms?

    I am flexible regarding the party itself – I may use the bungalows or the coutesan’s room instead but would prefer a themed room. I am budgeting for 2 parties with 2 courtesans and I am staying overnight. There are several courtesan’s I’m interested in but will make my decisions once I get there.


    Jack, have you looked at the pictures for each Playland room on this website? Why can’t you or the lady(ies) in your party bring a music player? I am uncertain you can bring in your own alcoholic beverages but they are available. Certainly you can ask for a tour before you negotiate your party.
    Will a bungalow do for your party, versus a Playland room? I have not partied at Playland(yet).

    hoochie coochie man

    If you book the Playland you book the entire Playland, not individual rooms. So you get the office, and the school room, and locker room, and GFE room, and the massage room, and the Japanese bedroom, etc. So you can move around from room to room, there are plenty of couches and beds throughout the Playland.


    hoochie, have you partied in Playland?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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