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    The decision to split the value of gifts over a certain amount or cash tips over a stipulated dollar figure is strictly a house rule. I believe each Nevada brothel has their own policy, and the State of Nevada has no ordinance concerning Courtesans’ gifts.

    Red Diamonds

    Hi George, if you feel like renting a car is a no go, just have Sheri’s Limo pick you up.


    thanks for the clarification, firefighter.


    Red Diamonds quote, “Hi George, if you feel like renting a car is a no go, just have Sheri’s Limo pick you up.”


    Red Diamonds is absolutely correct!

    The preferred method of transportation for clients not driving their own vehicle is Sheri’s Limo service, and McCarran Airport rental cars is the second best choice. The Limo is the most reliable mode of transportation to Sheri’s Ranch because the Limo Chauffeur is your well informed Sheri’s Ranch brothel guide! Clients don’t feel awkward asking Sheri’s Limo drivers questions about Sheri’s Ranch brothel because they are true professionals and first line Sheri’s Ranch associates. Also, the Limo driver knows the best route and driving time so clients will be on time for their appointment. Clients feel more relaxed since they are passengers and don’t have to concentrate on driving an unfamiliar highway.

    The Sheri’s Ranch Limo has the definite advantage of allowing a client to relax and discuss brothel questions with an experienced and knowledgeable Limo Chauffeur; thereby, assisting Limo clients to gain confidence in their impending brothel experience. The rental car drive is tedious, long, time consuming, nerve-racking and tiring for first timers, which is counterproductive because clients desire to enter their first brothel experience self-assured and calm as possible!


    Thanks for all the information everyone. It looks to be a choice of the limo or rent, have to admit the your last post is, well confusing is not the right word but after listing many reasons to rent and drive than use the service, seems odd to plug it so well, lol.

    It would not be great to, I want to say be singled out as a limo patron,again not the best wording but it would also be a big relief off of me so I guess I have a decision to make.

    Still I have more information than before so again, thank you.


    The tip sharing is a house rule…the state has no say in such things. Heck, the split the house takes in general is determined by the house not the state. Also, it doesn’t require a 30 day advance notice to get a limo to bring you out to the Ranch. The day before is enough notice. The only thing about giving short notice is that you may have to work with the limo driver’s schedule so you may not have complete control over your planned arrival time.

Viewing 6 posts - 21 through 26 (of 26 total)
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