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Most Popular Valentine’s Day Sex Parties

It’s no secret that Valentine’s Day is a busy time for prostitutes. February 14th has long been a day when romance, courtship, and passionate lovemaking are celebrated in numerous countries around the world. Being the expert lovers that they are, sex workers are willing and able to lend their services to anyone in need on this enchanting occasion.

Nevada brothels are the only businesses in the United States where prostitutes can legally entertain their Valentine’s Day clientele. But what’s a legal brothel like on Valentine’s Day? What types of customers visit Nevada working girls on the Holiday, and what do they want to do?

Adi, Emma, and Violet, three sex workers from Sheri’s Ranch, open up about their vocation as professional paramours, and share three of the most requested Valentine’s Day sex parties. Perla, Alex, Emma, and Riley are featured in the accompanying Valentine’s Day cards.

1. The Girlfriend Experience

Close your eyes, and imagine you’re lying in bed. Your gaze becomes centered and your thoughts start melting away. You feel the warm touch of another as they lay down beside you. Fingertips and soft hands slowly begin caressing your body. The sweet and careful touches are met with soft and delicate lips, kissing your neck. Your heart begins to quicken, you feel a burst of adrenaline pulsing through your body. Your breaths go from long and drawn out, to short and quick. You don’t want to open your eyes, fearing that this may just be a good dream and you’re not ready for it to be over, but every kiss becomes sweeter, every touch becomes softer and more intimate. At last, you can’t take it anymore. You open your eyes, it wasn’t a dream. It’s really happening…. This is it, “The Girlfriend Experience.”

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner it’s time to talk about “The Girlfriend Experience.” While it’s always a popular choice, it is especially so on a day so centered around loving and feeling loved. It’s not about just sex, it’s about so much more, creating and sharing a connection with someone, affection, attention, and laughter. Taking the time to get to know each other; share stories, play with each other and just have fun. No strings attached, just a one-to-one experience unlike any you’ve ever had.

– Adi


2. Valentine’s Day Threesome for Couples

Couples are often looking for new ways to celebrate a special occasion like Valentine’s Day. Many choose to add some extra excitement to their relationship by visiting a legal brothel and inviting a third party to join them in bed.  On Valentine’s Day, many couples seek to break from their usual monotony and spice up their sex life. A threesome at a brothel is definitely one way to liven things up.

Whether you want someone to stick within your comfort zone, help you push your boundaries, or orchestrate an all-out three-way sex extravaganza, a courtesan will be sure to give you the thrill you are looking for and reignite the fire of your relationship. You could even ask her to teach you some new tricks to keep things interesting until next time. Visiting a legal brothel on Valentine’s Day is a favorite for couples looking to take their love making to another level.



3. Reenacting a Passionate Moment

Role play and fantasy are a big part of a sex worker’s job, and one particular type of role play is very popular around Valentine’s Day: reliving a sexual memory. The weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day can be a very nostalgic time for many people who find themselves reminiscing about past loves and previous sexual encounters.

Whether it’s that secret rendezvous under the bleachers with your high school girlfriend, the tryst with that sexually adventurous European tour guide that you can’t get out of your head, or the lesbian encounter that awakened your senses while volunteering for that congressman in college, people often have a persistent urge to relive life changing benchmarks from their erotic past. This time of year we courtesans look forward to helping you commemorate your most treasured sexual memories, by helping you relive them in all of their carnal glory.



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