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My Spouse, My Lover, My Business Partner at a Legal Brothel

When I married Kayden Blake, I knew I was marrying the love of my life. What I did not know was that, soon after, we would become the only married couple working together at a legal Nevada brothel. Not many people are able to find that kind of fairy tale life we all read about growing up and I’ll be honest, neither did I. What I found was better. When I met Kayden, I knew once I let her into my life it would change forever. But the change that would occur was beyond my eighteen-year-old mind’s comprehension. The fact that we would not only become each other’s best friends, but also exchange vows, and later enter the sex industry together, was inconceivable.

Kayden Blake and Vause are a married couple working at Sheri’s Ranch.

Before coming to Sheri’s Ranch, a licensed sex resort near Las Vegas, Kayden and I made names for ourselves in the adult industry by doing live webcam broadcasts. A large contributing factor to why we were so successful and won awards as cam performers, was the fact that our chemistry was authentic. It is something you can feel just by being in our company. After having been together for over 7 years, and married for a year and a half, we still continue to have an intense and powerful draw to one another that can be felt from across a room.

We decided to bring that genuine chemistry to the brothel after so many of our fans and viewers requested to meet us in real life — and experience, in person, the energy and connection that made our cam shows so compelling. Having the ability to share this with others in a legal and safe environment seemed like a great next step in our personal and professional relationship.

When you come to Sheri’s to meet us, you will see why we work so well together and why we were made for this industry.

A threesome party with Kayden and myself is like nothing you have ever experienced. We know each other’s bodies like our own, yet at the same time we’re continually discovering new aspects of one another. Our two girl parties are different every time, as we explore your unique desires and fantasies, and discover new facets of ourselves in the process. Because Kayden and I have been together for so many years, there is a constant awareness of the other’s comfortability. This is key in any open, semi-open, or monogamous relationship. Our movements are sensually fluid while also consistently checking (either verbally or non-verbally) with one another and whoever else may be involved, making sure all advances are welcomed to ensure that the highest level of ecstasy is achieved by all participants.

As a married couple that has been together for several years, we also enjoy spending time with other couples who are interested in exploring their sexuality. Kayden and I, like any couple, have experienced the ups and downs that come with any relationship and know how important it is to have open communication and clear boundaries, especially when it comes to intimate encounters. The closeness that can be achieved from a group experience with another couple is something that could easily speak for itself. With us, you will have the opportunity to have an open dialogue with the added comfort established from the mutual understanding of relationship dynamics. Whether it be on a sexual, emotional, or casual level, you will find that interacting with us is something that can and will come naturally. Few things can compare to what comes from immersing yourself in your significant other’s familiar sexuality while also getting completely engulfed in the exciting new chemistry of another couple. There is something deeply primal about combined sexual energies flowing together as one massive force.

Though Kayden and I absolutely love partying with each other, that definitely does not mean we do not also enjoy seeing clients privately for a one-on-one experience. We both enjoy spending time with clients of all genders and gender identities while at Sheri’s Ranch. Just as well, we do not limit our multi-girl parties either. If you would like to spend time with one of us and another lady at the ranch, just ask. As you can likely tell from our photos, Kayden and I are nearly opposites. This does not only apply to our appearances but to our personalities as well. With Kayden being extremely extroverted and “right brain,” I am more introverted and “left brain.” Though we are vastly different, each of us carries small parts of the other, and when combined, you find yourself with a perfect match. Whether you are interested in a threesome, couples party, or seeing one of us individually, I can assure you, it will be unlike anything you have imagined.

Pictured: Kayden Blake and Vause

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