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Your Guide to The Girlfriend Experience

Two seasons of a TV show, a movie directed by Steven Soderbergh, and decades’ worth of sex industry advertisements exist promoting it, but do you really know what the Girlfriend Experience entails? Well, as a premier companion at the Las Vegas area’s most successful adult resort, I’m here to tell you why the Girlfriend Experience (or GFE) is the most sought-after interaction in the sex work industry.

You won’t have to look too far to discover that I’m personally known for providing a legitimate, sincere, and truly passionate Girlfriend Experience. Who better than an affectionate, understanding, and exorbitantly romantic GFE companion to be your guide to the most intimate of all erotic rendezvous? I’ve identified four main attributes that make my Girlfriend Experience authentic. These are the things that I feel are essential to creating an unforgettable escapade.

Have you ever laid in bed with a beautiful woman, staring deeply into each others’ eyes as you share pillow talk and feel the connection between you deepen? Some people crave a more human moment with a person that cares. If this sounds like you, the Girlfriend Experience may be the perfect engagement that allows you to fulfill all of your needs, sensually and spiritually.

Ruby Rose is a licensed GFE companion at Sheri’s Ranch

Emotional connection

The Girlfriend Experience involves a level of intimacy that’s beyond the sexual. You will safely share parts of your mind and heart that you may hide from others. I want to openly know my GFE partner and feel a heightened sense of connection through our secret affections. A good girlfriend doesn’t just meet your needs in the bedroom, she listens to you when you tell her about your day and unload your troubles.


You can take things slowly, with no need to rush. I won’t hurry you into anything. I prefer to take our time exploring each others’ bodies. Each new sensation should come naturally, as we discover the ways we work best together. Perhaps it’s best to start off with dinner, or a relaxing soak in a warm bath. Maybe the two of us want to cuddle up and watch movies — or play our favorite video games. Sex is not the only goal. It’s just one part of a bigger whole that we share. When we finally fall into bed together, it will be filled with passion and ecstasy.

Non-judgmental intimacy

You have someone to confide in. I will never judge you as you tell your most intimate fantasies and secrets to me. As we grow comfortable with each other, we can begin to experiment with our wildest desires. Seeing each other many times does not become monotonous or boring. Instead, it opens up our possibilities to explore. Each adventure brings the two of us closer together, and you learn new things about yourself in the process.

A real, ongoing relationship

Most essentially, a genuine connection is formed. You can come back to see your secret girlfriend again and again. You become familiar with one another. Sure, there are boundaries, but every relationship has boundaries. A lot of people think that a Girlfriend Experience is just something you have for a couple of hours at a brothel. In truth, your Girlfriend Experience lasts much longer, with the memories lingering in your mind long after your time with each other has ended. I love getting emails or, better yet, handwritten letters from you. Staying in touch between our times together is important to me. When we see each other again after weeks or months apart, I run into your arms with genuine enthusiasm.

A Girlfriend Experience is something that can enrich your life in ways that you can’t yet imagine. I’m your secret confidante, the person who helps you through the difficult times and shares in the ecstasy of the good times. It’s everything you love about a relationship, without the uncertainty of the dating world. If you’re interested in experiencing this, it’s time to contact me. Let’s embark on this journey together.

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