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Meet the Millennial Prostitutes

There are over 50 million millennials in the American workforce. Born between the early 1980s and the early 2000’s, millennials have been both lauded for their entrepreneurship and criticized for their self-centeredness. Regardless of how they’re viewed by previous generations, one thing’s for sure: millennials are shaping the future of every industry in the United States, including the legal prostitution industry.

Every generation has its harlots, and Generation Y is no different. But who are these millennial sex workers? How, if at all, do they reflect the characteristics most often attributed to members of their generation? Currently, over two thirds of the legal prostitutes working at Sheri’s Ranch are millennials. Below, five courtesans from the Nevada brothel speak out about what distinguishes them as the prostitutes of their age.

What Makes a Millennial Sex Worker?

A knack for entrepreneurship

Millennials need to feel like what we are doing provides instant gratification and recognition, while also putting us on the right track to achieve our long term goals. To us, being rich means living life on our terms. Living a millennial lifestyle is about living with passion, doing what we love, and making money along the way.  For me, a sexually-charged young woman seeking to make life happen, legal Nevada prostitution provides an excellent opportunity.

Millennial sex workers are attracted to entrepreneurial challenges. We’re not afraid of the responsibility, long hours, and sacrifices that come with being our own boss. Running our own business within an established framework like Nevada’s sex work industry lets us more easily realize our desires. As legal prostitutes, we’re independent contractors who set our own prices and offer only the services we want to offer. We are in control. If we’re determined, there’s no limit to the success we can achieve in our field. Millennials flourish in situations with unlimited potential, and sex work offers such an environment.

– Cassie 

Naturally savvy with technology and social media

For the 21st century courtesan, social media is an absolute necessity. Millennial sex workers understand that their customer base isn’t limited to the people sitting in the brothel bar. As women who grew up in the internet age, our potential clients are the billions of adults using social media.

Aside from being an intensely sexual being, I am in this profession because I love people, I love learning about individuals and making them feel good – and that doesn’t always have to be a physical thing. Now, thanks to social media, it doesn’t always have to be a face-to-face thing either.

Social media is great at shrinking distance. A customer may be thousands of miles away from Sheri’s Ranch, but being able to send and receive direct messages or share photos helps us experience a sense of connection in the moment, and helps us to plan our eventual sexual encounter. Social media can be a great tool for building anticipation for future visits as well as discussing basic information such as scheduling. It’s nice to know I can answer questions and maintain relationships with my clients, even when I am not physically at my place of employment.

– Ashlynn May

Adaptability and open-mindedness about varying sexual orientations and lifestyles

The Millennial Generation was subject to the most rapid period of technological advancements in recorded history. In the span of only 30 years we have watched countless objects and trends rise and fall; brand new technologies and gadgets moving quickly from cutting edge to obsolete. I can remember the original Nintendo, VHS tapes, cathode ray tube televisions, even beepers. This unprecedented wave of evolution helped to shape my generation. It gave us the ability to embrace change; it created an open mindedness that our parents still struggle to understand. This is why Millennials are so successful in an industry like prostitution. Every day brings different clients and each sex party is a unique experience.

For me, this is exciting! I believe my paradigm is truly the essence of Millennial; there is no situation that I can’t embrace, no request I can’t strive to fulfill. As a prostitute this means that I’m able to approach each session with acceptance and compassion; no judgement. I have had many clients who come to me ashamed of what gives them pleasure and I’ve been able to help.

I have performed sexual services for virgins, couples, bi-curious women, and disabled persons. I have participated in a cornucopia of sexual fantasies, from threesomes to bondage, and I’m unceasingly fascinated by the variety of human sexual desires. As a millennial, I understand that having a foot fetish, for instance, is not a peculiarity to be disgraced but a penchant to be celebrated. My generation revels in the differences around us. We don’t seek safety in the familiar and hide our uniqueness. For us, as long as your thing is legal and respectful of others, it’s all good!

– Erin

An appreciation for travel and family time

There were a few factors that lead me to work as a legal prostitute; Mainly the financial freedom I knew I could have, along with being able to make my own schedule so that I can take time off as I see fit. The rest, well, I’ll leave up to your imagination.

I come from a big family and truly enjoy any chance I get to spend with them, whether that be on a vacation in a resort, celebrating a special occasion or just vegging out in front of the TV. My family is very supportive of me and all my endeavors, even when I’m living in a different country for part of the year. Sex work has given me the opportunity to focus on my long term goals while being able to spend quality time with my family and travel the world whenever I want.

I tend to work long stints so that I can take a few days, a couple weeks, or even some months off and still be financially secure enough to be present for family functions or emergencies, as well as being able to travel for my own leisure. I don’t know too many jobs where you have the freedom to make the kind of schedule to work as much or as little as you please and still be within a well off tax bracket. I do not have children yet so I am taking full advantage of being able to pick up and go whenever the wanderlust bug strikes me. I can appreciate learning about other cultures and being fully immersed in new environments, and what better way to do that than by traveling.

I have worked many jobs but when I last considered my next move I took into account everything I mentioned above along with a handful of other components and I genuinely feel that I made the right choice for this time in my life.

– Olivia

A disdain for being labeled “self-entitled”

The idea that all millennials are self-entitled and narcissistic is a complete misconception.  Millennials are hardworking, highly skilled and confident go getters who don’t shy away from a challenge.

Long gone are the days of ‘go to school, get a job, get married, buy a house, and have children,’ where baby boomers thrived. The world today is competitive and ever-changing.

Millennials have learned to stay confident about our worth and abilities in the face of contention. My generation has had to become creative and adaptable to survive in such a fast-paced world. We have learned to search for new angles when the usual methods don’t work. Many of us are content to think outside the box which can include veering away from traditional careers and pathways.

These days there are very few well-paid jobs available for anyone who has not completed a master’s degree, and even then there are no guarantees. One such job is the legal sex trade, which is becoming less taboo amongst our open-minded generation. Sex work allows millennials to earn a living while being able to enjoy enough spare time to spend with family and travelling the world. It might appear easy to anyone outside the industry, if all we have to do is look pretty and have orgasms, but actually prostitution is a multifaceted business which involves a lot of hard work. A good courtesan must have exquisite personal attributes but there is also a business to run. She must be skilled in many areas of sales and marketing, and be able to apply these across social media platforms as well as in face-to-face encounters.

As courtesans who came of age at the turn of the millennium, we are confident and industrious. We know how to work it and make the most of every opportunity.

– Emma

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