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Nevada Brothel Prices and Costs

You want to visit a legal Nevada brothel and change your sex life for the better. You’ve emailed the courtesans that struck your fancy, decided on which lovely companion you’d like to spend time with, and booked your date at our desert paradise. Now, you anxiously await your romantic rendezvous — but one question remains: How much do Nevada brothels cost?

I understand that Nevada brothel pricing can be a mystifying topic for first-time clients. As a licensed courtesan working at the premier legal brothel in the Las Vegas area, I’m here to tell you that there’s no need to be anxious about costs. In this blog, I’ll go over the basics of brothel prices and explain the factors that impact rates for sexual services in the Silver State’s acclaimed sex palaces.

When you visit a brothel like Sheri’s Ranch, you have three options as to how you choose a lady. As mentioned above, you can get to know a lady via email correspondence and arrange an appointment with her prior to your arrival. This tends to be the preferred way to set up a date for customers and sex workers alike, as it ensures that the lady you favor is available when you arrive, and it allows your courtesan ample time to prepare for your erotic encounter.

Of course, an appointment is not necessary and walk-ins are always welcome. Anyone age 21 and over is invited to stop by a legal bordello any time, as establishments like Sheri’s Ranch are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In order to decide on a companion, you may either enter the bar area and speak with the available ladies one by one, or you can ask one of the courteous hostesses to call a lineup. In a lineup, all of the available ladies will line up for you in the brothel’s parlor and individually introduce themselves so that you can choose a lady right then and there. There is no right or wrong way to choose a lady. Some customers prefer to relax and chat with the women in the bar before deciding, while others like the no-nonsense efficiency of picking a lady from a lineup of diverse and beautiful working girls.

No matter how you came to choose your paramour, the next step in your Nevada brothel experience is the negotiation.

Nevada Brothel Cost for Services

Roxanne Price is a licensed courtesan at Sheri’s Ranch near Las Vegas Nevada

The Negotiation

After choosing a potential companion, your lady will give you a brief tour of the bordello’s amenities and specialty rooms. This tour will always end with the two of you alone in the courtesan’s boudoir. It is here that the negotiation of costs for services takes place.

Nevada is the only state in the USA that allows for legal prostitution in the form of regulated, rurally-located brothels. It is unlawful for anyone to engage in prostitution or solicitation (offering to pay for sex or asking for money in exchange for sexual services) anywhere other than inside a licensed bordello. As a result of this, legal sex workers do not disclose prices online or over the phone. We discuss the details regarding prices only in the privacy of our personal suites in the brothel.

Every sex worker in a legal Nevada brothel is an independent contractor that sets her own rates for sexual services. This sometimes confuses or concerns novice clients expecting a fixed price that applies to all women working in a brothel. Below are a few facts to help ease your concerns about negotiating and clarify how our status as independent contractors positively affects your customer experience:

  1. The brothel does not set prices or tell us what to charge. Each individual sex worker decides what services she offers and how much she charges for such services. Prices may vary from one sex worker to another. Nevada brothels offer a wide variety of amazing women, each with a particular set of erotic talents and interests. If a customer does not come to an agreement with one lady, there is very often another woman in the bordello that will meet the customer’s budget and service preferences.
  2. Prices are not necessarily set in stone. The reason we negotiate with our clients, and on occasion allow for “wiggle room” in our personal pricing, is because we want to determine a rate and an experience that is favorable for both the lady and her customer. Think of the negotiation as an opportunity for you and your lover to collaborate and plan an expectation-exceeding sexual adventure together. We make negotiations as comfortable and pleasant as possible. After all, Nevada brothels are fun places, we never let the business side of things get in the way of a wonderful time.
  3. There is something for everyone at a Nevada Brothel. Legal sex workers cater to high-profile public figures and leaders of industry as well as blue collar workers and the “everyday Joe.” Everyone deserves happiness, companionship, and sexual gratification — and we treat all of our customers like kings. The ladies will do what we can to work within your budget and tailor a marvelous experience just for you.

So, when you meet in private and discuss the encounter you’d like to have with your chosen lady, keep in mind that you are speaking with an independent businesswoman with total control over the rates she establishes. We sex workers are companies within the company of the brothel, and each of us offers something unique, distinct, and spectacular.

Nevada Brothel Pricing

Price for services in a Nevada brothel

During the negotiation, you will explain what fantasies you’d like to live out with your lady and how much time you’d like to spend indulging in those erotic activities. There are several factors that can affect the price of the service you desire, such as length of services, type of activities, client demeanor, and the courtesan’s self-determined “market price.”

Length of services

This one’s easy: time is money. It goes without saying that if you’re looking to spend a passionate weekend with me in one of the VIP bungalows at Sheri’s Ranch, I’m probably going to charge a higher rate for a 48 hour encounter than a 30-minute romp in the hay. Don’t get me wrong, both experiences will knock your socks off, but knocking your socks off all weekend long will cost a bit more. Like many of the ladies in Nevada’s brothels, I pride myself in providing an authentic and amorous Girlfriend Experience, where me and my client develop an intense relationship that transcends the mere sexual. These types of romantic adventures are not brief, physical encounters. They’re extended affairs that are extremely popular and highly coveted by brothel clientele – and they’re worth every penny.

Type of activities

I mention the Girlfriend Experience above as a type of activity that is very intimate and emotionally (and erotically) charged. Many sex workers charge a premium for this service because it is so intensely desired by customers. There’s a wide range of “specialty parties” that the ladies of Sheri’s Ranch offer, and sometimes these specialty sessions can have premium price tags associated with them. For example, if you’re seeking sex with two women at once, then you probably should be prepared to pay more than you would for an encounter with only one woman. BDSM (bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, and sadomasochism) is another specialty that a few Nevada brothel ladies are specifically trained in, and their expertise in this realm is considered extremely valuable to many clients seeking that specific type of sensual thrill.

Client demeanor

OK, here’s a secret: We working girls have what we call an “asshole tax.” Sex workers have the same standards as other women when it comes to being treated with kindness. As the customer, it’s important to note that the level of respect that you treat the ladies with will directly affect the price of your encounter. If you’re impolite or insulting with a courtesan, then she may not agree to spend any time with you at all, but if she does, you’ll most likely be paying a higher premium. No lady wants to be treated badly, and there’s always customers out there who will treat her like she deserves to be treated. We have the highest degree of respect for our clients, and we expect to be treated with respect in return. So, be a gentleman when you’re with a sex worker for the first time – you’ll not only be rewarded with an appropriate rate, but you’ll also be treated to hot sex with someone who’s genuinely turned on by your chivalrous nature.

Courtesan’s self-determined “market price”

Every sex worker places a different value on the services she offers, as it is her right to do. Some women may command higher rates because they are in high demand and well-established in the legal sex industry, other sex workers may have rates that reflect their status as celebrity porn stars or adult entertainment social media sensations of one type or another. Regardless, the “market price” for the indulgences we offer are determined by our experiences as sex workers and how we personally decide to value our services.

Nevada Brothel Prices

What first-time guests need to understand is that brothels have been legal in Nevada for nearly fifty years. Legal brothels serve 400,000 clients annually and every one of these customers walks away with a smile on their face. There’s no need to fret about prices. If Nevada brothels weren’t affordable and fair, and if the services performed by me and my fellow sex workers weren’t astonishingly fantastic, we wouldn’t have been in business for so long. Let’s get the negotiation over with so that we can make some memories together that will last a lifetime.

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