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  • Just curious, Flint…have you ever partied with Emma? I just found her profile and think she’s gorgeous…and I’d love to be with a lady with an Australian accent!! I may have found my reason to return to the Ranch…

  • I’d love to get a taste of breast milk direct from the source!

  • I haven’t checked in lately so I’m just seeing this now, but the post from Sheri’s Ranch Client Relations stating that Erin didn’t ask for her page to be taken down gives me reason to hope that maybe, just maybe, she could return to the Ranch. Even if there’s just a 1% chance that I may have a chance to party with her again, I’m going to make a…[Read more]

  • Same here. I partied with her once and really wanted to see her again but she hasn’t been at Sheri’s since early February, there’s nothing on her schedule through July and if she really has closed her Twitter account, I’d say she’s retired. I’m crushed…in early January I made plans to go to Vegas in late April just to see her and now she’s…[Read more]

  • I’ll check back but it’s not looking good. I emailed her back in December about seeing her in the Spring and she said she’d be there (and her schedule bore that out), so something changed between late December and late January. I hope nothing happened to her and that she’s okay, whether she’s retired or just taking a break.

  • Damn. She was my first and I’d really hoped to see her again. Not only is she incredibly sexy but I found her to be smart, witty and very, very nice. I’ll keep checking the website for another month or two but it certainly looks like she’s retired. I don’t know if I’ll go back because as lovely as a lot of the ladies are, Erin will be a tough…[Read more]

  • I liked the new pictures…not as good as her earlier ones (especially the shower and lingerie shots!) but she’s still an incredibly sexy woman.

    Does anyone know if she’s going to be back at the ranch at some point? I partied with her once and was hoping to do so again but whenever I check her schedule, there’s nothing there so I’m really afraid…[Read more]

  • Can anyone give me a little direction regarding the negotiation of price? I recently had my first experience at the Ranch and had a great time, but because it was first time at a brothel I didn’t really negotiate…I just took the price she gave me (which I know was a mistake) because I didn’t know how to negotiate without potentially insulting…[Read more]

  • I’m going to be at Sheri’s in the Spring to (finally) lose my virginity and am hoping to have a bungalow party with my chosen lady. I’ve been looking at the list of what she caters to and had what is probably a dumb question but as it’ll be my first time at a brothel I’m going to ask anyway…is it at all possible to go from Nuru massage to…[Read more]

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