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Sheri’s Ranch Featured on Vital Vegas Podcast

For well over a decade, Sheri’s Ranch has established itself as the top sex tourism destination in the Las Vegas area. Beautiful courtesans, luxury sex rooms, outstanding customer service, and an on-site hotel and restaurant have made Sheri’s the go-to brothel for randy vacationers.

Scott Roeben, Las Vegas expert and founder of the award winning Vital Vegas blog is acutely aware of Sheri’s stellar reputation, and he recently had the opportunity to visit the ranch for the first time and discover for himself what all the buzz is about.

Scott received a VIP tour and had all of his questions answered by Madam Dena and sex worker Blithe Velour when he interviewed them for a special episode of the Vital Vegas podcast. Click on the image below and listen to what Scott has to say about the “Official Brothel of the Vital Vegas Blog.”


Photo features Blithe from Sheri’s Ranch.

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