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Training for a Sex-A-Thon

A propensity for deep compassion and empathy.  A non-judgmental disposition.  An entrepreneurial spirit. An open-minded view of human sexuality and a desire to explore a variety of carnal curiosities.  These are just some of the characteristics that come to mind when one considers what makes an outstanding sex worker. If a woman possesses these attributes, she certainly has what it takes to be successful in the competitive world of harlotry; as this type of work is not for the sexually timid or sanctimonious, and it definitely isn’t suited for someone with no brain for business.

But what about endurance, stamina, or flexibility? Surely these traits are also important for a vocation with such an obvious physical component – namely, sexual activity. What level of athleticism is required to service clients with a wide range of indecent inclinations and fetishes? How fit is a well-heeled working girl?

We posed the question to Ashlynn May, Char, and Olivia, three courtesans currently touring Sheri’s Ranch, a legal sex den near Las Vegas, and discovered what these pros had to say about the relationship between sex work and fitness.


It’s a simple fact that fit girls look good naked. Not only do we look good, but we feel good. My job as a courtesan allows me to unveil my hard earned body and share it with my clients. In all honesty, this was a huge appeal for me when I chose to enter this line of work. What other job would allow others to experience my body on the most intimate, uncensored level? I can’t think of any. And, with all the time I put into my physique, I love that I am able to share it in its entirety.

To give you some background on myself, in my spare time I enjoy training for and running marathons and other endurance races. I believe that strength training is an essential part to any fitness regime. I usually run 5-6 days a week, varying distances and terrain. Additionally, I go to the gym for cross-training 3-4 times per week. I get pleasure from pushing my body to its limits. I’m telling you this because I have found that my training routine helps me perform maximally in-between the sheets.

Being a courtesan is in fact an extremely physically demanding job. For example, there may be times where I am doing a multiple hour session with a client and I am riding him for an hour, or longer! This is not to say that I don’t enjoy slower, sensual sex, because I do, and plenty of my sessions with clients are geared in that direction. But, there are times when genuinely raw, animalistic sex is what’s required. When this is the case, we may be getting sticky and sweaty, but I’ll be breathing (and moaning) with ease; cardiovascular, I am equipped to handle this. My legs are trained for running marathons, and they excel during sex-marathons. I would go as far as to say that working out has raised my level of physiological awareness, I understand how my muscles function and move together. This awareness allows me to tap into these finer details in order to move my body synergistically with my clients to make the experience that much more intense and memorable.

Sometimes clients get creative with their desires, maybe he wants to be standing up holding me, with my arms around his neck and shoulders, as he grips my ass. I engage my core and wrap my legs around his waist. Together we face the challenge of finding the balance, control, and strength to move in a sexually pleasurable motion. I’m always up for trying something new and inventive. Other times, I’ve had clients treat our session like a sex buffet, transitioning from one position to the next. Together we manage to create a whirlwind of pleasure and ecstasy. In all these instances, I’m always on a mission to get my clients to collapse with total satisfaction. To me, it is so rewarding to be able to share my passion, in such a pleasurable atmosphere, with those whom enjoy and appreciate it.

Ashlynn May



As much as I’d like to hit the gym daily, that’s hard to achieve in my busy life. I do my best to work out at least 3-4 times a week, however. And when I go, I go hard: intense stretching (I used to do gymnastics, ballet and cheerleading), 30-45 minutes cardio minimum, and free weights are all part of a regular gym visit for me.

Honestly, part of the reason that I push myself in the gym is because it balances out the rest of my not-so-pure lifestyle; I love to eat, drink and be merry. I adore late nights and good times. So my physical training helps me to achieve a harmony of sorts.

From a professional perspective, keeping a sharp physique makes good business sense; the better I look the more likely I am to stay busy at work. But beyond that, physical exertion sharpens my focus. Mental and physical discipline are very positive things for me.

Then there’s the obvious; being a sex worker can be a highly physical job. Imagine the bodily demands of a multi-hour session with various different and challenging positions, or a hard-core BDSM session where physical and psychological strength and endurance are a must. A few examples:

  • Ever had to administer hundreds of extreme and precise lashes with multiple instruments of pleasurable pain?
  • Ever been tied in an unnatural position for hours without any mercy to your joints?
  • Ever fucked an entire night away?
  • Hell, have you ever spent 16 hours in 8″ heels?

All of these scenarios require focus, strength and endurance. So, yes, I work out because it feels good, but it also makes me a better courtesan. Hope you appreciate the hard work!



I work out for a few reasons: The health benefits of course, that’s a given. I believe it helps make me a much better lover. Lastly, it reduces stress and keeps me sane.

I generally always include cardio in my workouts, some days it’s only cardio, but I also designate days to focus on my legs and glutes, back, arms, etc. I started taking barre classes at home and recently received a ballet barre for my birthday, so I have been trying to include those types of workouts into my routine as well. I truly believe that working out has given me the desire, stamina and endurance to perform better behind closed doors.

My flexibility and the strength of my legs has helped the most in sex parties. There are times that a client wants my legs to wrap around them and give them a feeling of asphyxiation. Others want my legs to bend a certain way and stay there, and I have also had couples ask me to try positions the wife cannot do or cannot hold for a long time. Each request is unique and it is only because of what I do in the gym that allows me to give them that kind of exciting experience in the bedroom.

When a young 20-something guy or an older gentleman that just took a special blue pill wants to basically have a sex marathon, I have to be ready for the unexpected. I can’t really ‘tap out’ or just lay there (unless it’s a necrophilia fetish). Whether it be “suffocation” from my thighs, administering or receiving a single tail whipping or flogging, bending and stretching for certain positions, or even just holding the ‘girl on top’ position for more than 20 seconds. I need to be in the best physical health that I can be to make sure I am able to fulfill all of my client’s fantasies.



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