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Sex and Music, a Prostitute’s Passions

I have two great passions, music and sex. Thanks to legal Nevada brothels like Sheri’s Ranch, I’m able to explore both of these interests to the highest degree.

I work at the Las Vegas area bordello two weeks out of every month. Every lady at Sheri’s has a different background, and mine happens to be in music. I started studying music at a young age and when it came time to start college I chose to pursue classical vocal studies. This is a brief look into my journey as a musician and sex worker.

As an artist I have always been a free spirit, a characteristic also common with many adult entertainers. During college I worked as a waitress to make ends meet, but the job wasn’t very stimulating, didn’t pay very much, and definitely didn’t allow me a lot of free time to pursue my creative endeavors. I had an exotic dancer friend who would often speak of the benefits of her non-traditional lifestyle. She persuaded me to bite the bullet and give striptease a shot. Being on stage dancing to music that I loved while turning others on was very erotic to me. I was instantly hooked.

I continued as a dancer to put myself through music school. Once I was finished with school (while recording original songs and playing the occasional gig) I decided to branch out and discover other ways to explore my part-time career in sex work. I read that prostitution is legal in Nevada, so I started browsing the internet and eventually came across Sheri’s Ranch. I filled out an application and was on a plane three days later to a new adventure. Upon arriving at the ranch, making my initial approach into the front parlor, my eye caught a sparkling white grand piano. I knew this would end up being something special; a sign of a liberating and phenomenal new path of pursuing everything that I love.

Music is a journey, and so is exploring our sexuality. Music can be ambient, intense or heavy and yet peaceful. I’m sure we can all agree that sex is the same way. You can close your eyes and let it take your emotions to levels you have never before experienced like a powerful wave passing through your body. My most intense experiences with music have been performing as a soloist with a full orchestra.  The sounds from behind me pulsing through my veins and lifting me up. This type of fierce sensuality transfers into the bedroom when I’m connecting on a deeper level with my lovers. I can feel my partner sharing this energy with me as we explore each other’s bodies.

There tends to be many stereotypes about sex workers. The common misconception is that we are all drug addicted, pimped out, uneducated, and oppressed. Generally, this is not true, especially at licensed sex resorts like Sheri’s Ranch. The owner and staff here are very diligent about keeping us safe and providing us with all of the comforts of home. Sheri’s give us the opportunity and means to explore other avenues of our life. I can often be found with papers scattered in a booth working on lyrics, or putting those ideas to work on the piano. Other courtesans may be studying for a particular certification or writing their master’s thesis. I have the privilege of working with some very distinguished ladies. Some have a military background, an advanced degree, or other marvelous traits and talents.

Sex workers aren’t what many people think they are. It’s time to listen to the music…Stop by and I’ll play it for you.

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