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    Stumpy Wexword,
    I personally enjoyed being surprised and am greatful for any gift I recieve because I know it was lovingly picked out by you with me in mind.

    Thank You for your thoughtfullness


    Six more things about Tiffany Hilton

    1) I am very flexible and can bend myself in to may diffrent positions. Yoga does wonderful things for the body and soul.

    2) I enjoy educating myself, I am a professional student. Knoweledge is power. I am never afraid to ask a question when I do not know the answer to something, and enjoy listening to that persons explanation. I am a naughty school girl through and through.

    3)I am a card carrying NRA member and one of the first recipients of a concealed carry permit in Chicago. Even if you don’t believe in God or guns, remember when in danger you always call someone with a gun and pray to God they show up in time. I also do assemblies in elemetry schools in the innercity schools to educate children about the responsibly associated with a firearm, and what to do if you find one.

    4)I love riding my bike down the LSD (lake Shore Drive) path in Chicago during the summer. The scenery is beautiful and the people watching is amazing.

    5) I despise all things black licorice flavored. I’m sorry but Ansie is not fit for human consumption in my personal opinion.

    6) I do not stand for bullying of any sort. I was bullied a lot growing up for being intelligent and quirky. No one should have to put others down to make themselves feel better. I always remind others that opinions are not facts, there for you should stop worriny what other think of you.

    Dates for January 14th-26
    P.S. follow me on twitter @tiffanyhiltonxx

    Also check out my amazon wishlist http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/ref=cm_wl_search_6?ie=UTF8&cid=AFOD91L9WBQC5


    None of the laides ever frown upon line ups, we love parading our never ending sexiness in front of you. Also we love appointments so we can be ready and willing to take your requests and be dressed to the 9’s. All us ladies have favorites, but at any time YOU can become our favorite! 🙂


    Montana you have the uncanny ability to make any of us ladies turn in to wild sexual tigers! You just ooze sexiness!!!!!!!!!


    Thank you very very much


    We have not been notified of the publication date yet, hopefully by the end of the month.


    Thank you for the mention, and it was a pleasure to meet you also Flint.


    First off, CANCER SUCKS! Second off, Beautiful Ladies are Awesome! Thirdly, you are an amazingly brave individual. Like Anakin suggests, staying in the hotel is a great option, no worring about time constraints, driving at odd hours, or drinking too much. Also like many of the lovely ladies have suggested, email us and get to know us. I love emails, I feel it creates apersonal connection that allows a party to go more smoothly. We all hope you make it out here soon!

    Follow me on Twitter @Tiffanyhiltonxx


    Flint I am actually taking my classes online this semester through UIC and have scheduled more dates. I just love my fun play time here at the ranch.


    Thank you Marc for spoling us so much. I really enjoyed our time together. I hope we can have another date together soon. The second one will be just as passionate as the first. 🙂


    Flint no I am not. I will be flying back to Chicago July 15th at 6 am. I only come for 1 week. I will however be back August 6th for 1 week.


    I always have enjoyed knowing someone has a significant other. To me the naughtiness is a turn on 🙂 Just remember to keep your ring on, because going home with out is is a big no no.


    Congrats on the next chapter in your life and you will be missed greatly.


    I am a Californication and Shameless fan.


    I am just a suck for the accent. If any one has had the pleasure to meet our hottie from Aussie Miss Emma, then they would know why my mind had melted a bit 🙂


    Most ladies are more oncerned with contracting TB, strep throat, pnuemonia, flu, mono, and other various “icky” sicknesses. I have gone home 2 times now with pnuemonia from Sheri’s. So no kissing for me. Plus there are plenty of other places i’d rather put my mouth 🙂


    I will be flying home in the early morning hours. Thank you to everyone who came out to play 🙂


    Well welcome and Hello! The few Kiwi’s I have met have been delightful. Just please don’t bring me any dingos 🙂


    I keep my own stock. At Sheri’s we are responsible for purchasing our own condoms and barriers.


    @pierced That was an amazing video to watch. Thank you for the inspiration:)

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